• Harry Potter and the half-blood prince


    " Bill told me 'ow Fred and George are very amusing ! " said Fleur, smiling serenely.

    "Yes, I can hardly breathe for laughing," snapped Hermione.

    [Fleur n'est pas plus appréciée de Hermione, que de Molly, la mère de Bill. Le ton employé ici est bien sûr sarcastique]


    p° 106

    " Thanks, Bill, said Harry, pocketing his gold.

    " He is always so thoughtful," purred Fleur adoringly, stroking Bill's nose. Ginny mimed vomiting into her cereal behind Fleur. Harry choked over his cornflakes and Ron thumped him on the back.

    [Fleur, toujours en admiration devant Bill, frère de Ron, et son futur mari. Dans le tome 6, elle n'est pas vraiment bien intégrée dans sa belle-famille car tout le monde croit qu'elle épouse Bill avant tout pour son physique. Tout ça jusqu'à ce qu'un horrible accident défigure Bill...]



    His light grey eyes narrowed.

    " If you are wondering what the smell is, Mother, a Mudblood just walked in," said Draco Malfoy.


    ' No, don't, honestly, it's not worth it...'

    ' Yeah, like you'd dare do magic out of school,' sneered Malfoy. 'Who blacked your eye Granger ? I want to send them flowers.'

    ' That's quite enough !' said Madam Malkin sharply, looking over her shoulder for support. [...]

    Narcissa Malfoy strolled out from behind the clothes rack.

    ' Put those away,' she said coldly to Harry and Ron. 'If you attack my son again, I shall ensure that is the last thing you ever do.'

    ' Really ?' said Harry [...] He was as tall as she was now. 'Going to get a few Death Eater pals to do us in, are you ?'

    [une rencontre qui tourne mal entre les Malfoy et la bande de Harry. Draco emploie un ton toujours aussi méprisant quand il croise Hermione. Cela est dû à ses origines : mi-humaine, mi-sorcière]

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